Why Outsource

Outsourcing Software Development

Boost your capabilities, get more customers, scale up, expand into new markets and cut down on wasteful expenses. Outsource!

Companies pass through a number of phases during their lifetime. First is the testing of waters, where the market validates the basic idea behind the service or the product. You build a core team and move fast to acquire new users or customers and start adding up features.

Problems with Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not a fire and forget solution. It has its own set of challenges like

  • Dealing with unreliable technical partners who does not understand your business and customers.
  • Navigating around cultural differences between you and your vendor which can throw a project completely out of gear.
  • Miscommunication at different phases of the project leading to different expectations.
  • Ensuring that your intellectual property and competitive advantage is safeguarded.
  • Allotting budget and resources for maintaining the deliverable so that it does not become obsolete.
  • Keeping quality levels consistent while keeping a tight lid on expenditure.
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Criteria for the Ideal Outsourcing Partner

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Doing Outsourcing Right

As with everything complex, outsourcing can be successfully pulled off if the work proceeds according to set systems and processes. Successful outsourcing also means that

  • You are aware of the gaps in your capabilities which outsourcing can plug.
  • Your vendor works with you to create a roadmap for success.
  • You are completely engaged during the entire process, from project initiation to handover of deliverables.
  • Your focus is on quality and reliability over short term cost savings.
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