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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Keeps Website Alive

At Unify, continuous website experience means that the new content is updated from time to time and there is a glitch free experience. We have a dedicated team for the maintenance who makes sure that your website maintenance is done from time to time.

Monitor load speed of a website

Comparing website stats with the previous report

Analyzing the structure of the site

Website Maintenance Cost

Checking for website updates

Agreement for website maintenance

Monitor website ranking in SERPs

Checking for any errors and bugs

Function effectively

More focus on customer satisfaction

Why is Website Maintenance Crucial For Businesses?

For every business, it is essential to keep their websites updated, so their users get a better user experience and more interaction with their website, in short, to drive traffic and maintain higher ranking, website maintenance is important.

Apart from SEO, website maintenance is necessary for user engagement, high security, and brand image. We at Unify SoftTech provides you with a plethora of monthly and annual plans that will include removing malware, checking server performance, backups, updates, and much more.

Process Involves In Website Maintenance

Only developing websites is not enough, until you manage it properly and consistently. Once the website is created, you must take care of its new updates, backups, and much more, and for this, we offer you a website maintenance facility within your budget.

Browser Compatibility

Your website needs to run on any browser, so here we make sure whether your website supports every browser version or not.

Checking Forms

We ensure that your forms and checkout process work well, so your users don’t get into problems while submitting form or checkout.

Website Backup

Consistent website backup is essential to prevent your website or business from loss in case if something goes wrong.

Test Whole Site

Once a year, your website must be tested to check for any broken link, or replace outdated content with the new one.

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