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Local Business Marketing

Local Business Marketing

Every business wants to be visible in search engines, and plenty of people search for businesses online, so if you want to be the one who appears first in the search engine result pages (SERPs), then you are landing on the right page. Here, we at Unify SoftTech facilitate your business to get a high ranking in search engines. We use different SEO methods to make sure your brand is visible and getting user’s attention.

Local SEO Boosts Your Local Search Ranking

Before you look for a global audience, you must first focus on local people. To focus on your local audience, we at Unify SoftTech provide you with local search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your business’s presence in your community.

Sometimes, local SEO is incredible the best method to enhance the visibility of your business, and we ensure that your services or products go viral among your local customers at the time when they are looking for the same services that you offer.

Our Local Business Marketing Process

The following are some basic and essential steps that are included in our work process for local business marketing:

Role of Local Business Directory Listings

Every business wants to have their online visibility in the search engines, right? So, here we at Unify SoftTech ensure that your business gets listed in search engine result pages instead of listed in the manual directory. People are online, so what is holding you back from getting high ranking?

Go for Local Pay-Per-Click

As the name indicates, local PPC is best suited for those who want to advertise something to their target audience within a specific area or region. Local pay-per-click ads can be run on any social media platform or search engines. We at Unify SoftTech make a strategy to successfully run local PPC for local businesses.

Social Media Marketing for Local Business

Social media platforms are the best method to promote any services or products because nowadays, most people are staying active on social media platforms, that’s why we are targeting social media networks to advertise a local business. We make an effective strategy for social media marketing, such as:

  • Making A Plan
  • Opting for a suitable platform
  • Get to know your audience
  • Sharing Appealing Visuals to Build A Relationship
  • More Focus On Quality

How We Love To Work!


Growth in keyword ranking


Increase in Organic traffic


Increase in Top 10 ranking


Increase in Visit duration

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