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Google Apps

Google Apps Software as a Service Solution

Google hosts Google app suits on their own servers, and Google app suite includes collaborative applications to provide their users with the best service to download and install several applications. The application can be paid as well as free, and you can go with any application.

Google apps offer Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Videos, Google Talk, Google Docs, and much more. Google Apps provides you the facility:

Google Apps Settings

Consolidate Email Platform

Configuration, Security and Custom Emails

Sync setup for Google App


Scalable Environment


Facilitate Email Setting


More Productivity

Cloud Computing

Highly Secured

Google Apps Are Working At Peak

Most companies are opting for Google apps because Google Apps help them to be more organized and sorted through emails, calendars, and much more. Google apps facilitate you with collaboration tools to help you to share information and get your work done efficiently.

We at Unify SoftTech provides you with the best solution for your organization, and we make sure you get the best and what you need the most.

Google Apps Serve You Benefits In Immense

Whether it be a small organization or large, but every organization is aware of the key benefits of Google Apps. Furthermore, we offer a solution to enterprises according to their requirements.

Boost Collaboration

Easy collaboration makes it easy for companies to collaborate with a team member to know what’s going on.

High Accessibility

Users can access and work without any geographical restriction with ease and at any time.

Facilitate Simpler Selling

Selling to your customers can be easy, and they can get online without stepping into any store.

Train Workers Anytime

Get the facility to train workers at any time, anywhere with ease even when on the move.

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