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Email Marketing

Nurture Your Brand Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is something that helps businesses to build a relationship with their customers and earn a profit. Email marketing is another best marketing strategy for your business, so don’t think email marketing is no longer in use. Email marketing helps businesses to advertise their service and products, build relationships, and gain loyalty.

Automated Email Marketing Is On The Rise

As the name implies, in automated email marketing, there is no need to manually send an email to an individual user, but in this method, we facilitate our customers by providing automated messages where email can be sent automatically to your customers once any trigger or schedule is met.

Mobile-Friendly Layout

Most of the users open their emails on mobile phones, so we ensure the design must be mobile-friendly, so the user never gets into trouble. The layout won’t be limited to mobiles, but it can be opened on any device, whether it be a laptop or tablet. For this, HTML and CSS must be at top-level, and we are best at this.

Alpha And Beta Testing

Every IT company considers this step as mandatory because, in this phase, actual testing is done of any software before delivering software to its customer. Alpha testing is conducted by employees to check whether a software contains any bug or not, and beta testing is done by the real user in a real environment.

Free From Spam Emails

Spam emails are unsolicited emails that nobody wants in their email inbox, so we at Unify SoftTech ensure that you or your customers don’t consider as spam. Additionally, we ensure to filter the email list to eliminate those ids that are spammed.

Email Marketing Serves You With A Slew Of Benefits

Many of you may think email marketing is dead, but this is not true, indeed, there are plenty of companies who are still opting for email marketing to grow their business and spread brand awareness. Email marketing provides you with a plethora of advantages, including:

  • Wallet-friendly marketing method
  • User engagement
  • Automated emails
  • Helps to generate revenue
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Easy to get started and share, and much more

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