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AWS Support

Let Us Help You To Sketch, Develop, Manage, And Support AWS Services

AWS is a cost-effective, secure, dynamic, and complex solution, so we at Unify SoftTech take the responsibility to design, build, and manage AWS cloud infrastructure for your organization.

AWS Support Provides Guidance To Customer

Unify SoftTech offers plenty of guidance to the customers if they get stuck somewhere and work as a support system for our customers. We ensure to resolve any cloud issue. We keep an eye on all your security measures and keep checking how your resources are working and much more.

Databarrack’s AWS Managed Services Will Involve:

Looking for a website development which is custom build then you have come to the right place

Keep checking on application database and logs

Detailed monthly report on the performance and SLAs

Checking for maintenance, patch management, and capacity planning

Configuring recovery actions and automated alerts

Uninterrupted scalable support to ad-hoc assistance with thorough ownership

How Can Unify SoftTech Serve You Support?

We ensure to provide you with designing, building, and managing AWS.

  • Our services offer the tailor made services which includes specific needs. We make sure that stability, performance and resources are always optimal.
  • Ensuring the full stability, working process up to the mark, performance, and resources are optimized.
  • The management and support help organization extensibility and flexibility without the complexity of any internal management.
  • The technical team of Unify SoftTech provides satisfactory services to the clients, which include a detailed report and pro-active incident resolution.

Be Ready To Weight Lift Off Your Shoulders!

Unify SoftTech offers AWS support specifically to small and medium-sized organizations. If you are looking for AWS support at reasonable prices, then you are on the right page. We have designed a price and solution format, which will fit your needs.

Do you want to cope with and change your service allocation? Don’t fret, because we are here to assist you!

Management And Support For AWS Services

We make efforts to design and develop customized infrastructure to maintain a whole process that will start from individual applications to corporate. We can start by reviewing your existing architecture and syncing with industry best practices for extensibility, flexibility, wallet-friendliness, and performance. We offer:

  • Continuous integration deployment with Jenkins
  • Firewall and security designs
  • Architecting several availability zones to recover from disaster and resilience
  • To leverage existing investment, integration is done with onsite or other hosted systems
  • Setting up a development environment and scalable tests
  • Decoupling of horizontal scaling with reconfiguration so that it can be brought in line with best practices


Unify SoftTech helps you to migrate your entire data on the cloud, so you make yourself ready with your application.


The first thing is suggested to fixate on your small service architecture and deliver continuous integration.


We make sure to manage your infrastructure properly including, code and other used tools as well.

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We work as a team to provide full support to our customers by acting as an extended team for our clients.

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