Agile Software Development Lifecycle Phases

Now, let’s have a look at the process we follow for agile software development:

Phase 1: Gathering Customer Requirements

Before making any flowchart or blueprint, we first consider conducting a meeting with the customer to collect all the requirements so we can prepare its blueprint.

Phase 2: Preparation For Designing

After the confirmation of the blueprint, our team of designers prepares themselves to produce a feature-rich and high-quality design that will match the customer’s requirements.

Phase 3: Development Brings Software Alive

After the approval of designing, our development team jumps to the development phase to sprinkle the magic of their coding skills.

Phase 4: Testing And Deployment

Once development is completed, the testing is performed to identify errors or bugs if any, so we can produce error-free software for the customer.

Phase 5: Review

In this phase, the development team review the progress of the project and exchange their ideas. Once it is done, we go for a new stage of development or iteration.