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Affiliate Marketing

What Affiliate Marketing Exactly is?

Gone are the days of mouth referral or traditional marketing where salespersons had to advertise their services door-to-door, and now is the era of digital marketing. Furthermore, affiliate marketing is a part of digital marketing which comes with immense benefits.

Basically, affiliate marketing refers to the process that helps affiliate marketers to earn money by promoting other company’s services or products to get a profitable commission.

Best Methods for Brands to Grow!

Affiliate marketing is the best method for businesses to grow, have a closer look at the below point to know how affiliate marketing can boost your website appearance in searches:

Enhance Brand Visibility

Affiliate marketing tends to be the best method for brands to grow their SERPs visibility, such as, your site can get more backlinks from affiliate publishers who are sharing your site’s links on their platforms. And secondly, affiliates are using PPC advertising to advertise your products and services that enhance the chances of your site to appear more on searches.

Our Expertise in Affiliate Marketing

  • Meeting the right affiliate to reach your objectives
  • Conducting advertising on plenty of networks
  • Advertising a selected program and opting for a new one
  • Creation of banners, images, and catalogs
  • Conducting a proper commination weekly or monthly based
  • Creating a report for the affiliate marketing network

Why Choose Unify SoftTech?

The reason for choosing our company is that we have one of the major affiliate networks, comprising eBay enterprise, Commission Junction, Link Share, Impact Radius, and CAKE. Additionally, we ensure our clients get an appropriate commission, so for this, we follow a systematic approach and best rates for the affiliate selection process and partner with an affiliate that promote our client’s brands, generate conversion, and meet ROI goals.

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